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Located in Arvada, Colorado. GTC is the ELITE of martial arts schools and training centers. Grudge Training Center is known for being a world ranked gym producing some of the highest levels of athletes in combative sports. What many don’t know is it also a family martial arts school. Walking into the gym you will have a feeling of professionalism met with a possitive atmosphere for all ages and walks of life. So wether you want to be the champ of the world, work on your confidence,  maybe just want to put yourself in a possitive atmospher, or just wanting to get in shape? Grudge is the place to take what ever type of success you are looking for to the next level.

The front entrance consists of check in desk, a waiting area with couches, our top of the line Grudge Pro Shop carrying all of your martial arts and combative needs. Sports rehab with message, dry cupping, and acupunture is also available. There is also full locker rooms and showers open to all members. 

The Facility consists of a Wifi waiting area on looking the training center, 10,000sq.ft. State of Art training room that includes a regulation 30’ ultimate fighting octagon, 20’ regulation boxing ring, and bag cage, with a variation of 36 heavy bags. Our fitness area features treadmills, airodynes, a variety of fitness equipment all sitting on Astro turf. The facility is fully matted from wall to wall with Dollamur-Swain Mats, and Matted on the wall in the training area.

GTC has the highest level of trainers and coaching in the business.

Including, Brian Young(Trained 15years under Muay Thai legend Master Chai), Jake Ramos (Pro Team Boxing Coach), Tony basile (BJJ Blackbelt), Luke Cadillo (UFC Veteran), Vinnie Lopez (Professional MMA fighter), Lt Nelson (Professional MMA Fighter), Owen Taylor (Amatuer Boxing Coach), Josh Copeland (Professional MMA fighter), James Fleming (D-1 NCAA 2 Time All American wrestler) Ivo Asinenev (Judo Blackbelt), Steele McCall (MMA prospect), Tom Serra(Professional MMA fighter), Carlos Huerta (MMA Prospect) Mark Huerta (MMA Prospect), and Peter Nugyen (MMA Prospect).

GTC’s head trainer Trevor Wittman has produced 13 World Champions in Boxing, KickBoxing, and MMA through out his training career. He has also helped host TUF 10 with Rashad Evans and TUF 16 with Shane Carwin. Trevor has trained the whos who of the UFC, Belletor, Strikeforce, WSOF, HBO boxing and many more..